Gridwide Weekly Scores

2014-06-16 00:29:28by Joeey Aura

The gridwide weekly scores will once again be a weekly thing.

In the past, with older versions of the system, is was difficult and nearly impossible to clear the weekly scores in a timely manner while people were playing anywhere on the grid. I believe i have a working system which can now clear them in a timely manner. This will let everyone see scores for the week as they were suppose to be from the beginning.

Scores will be cleared around midnight Monday morning every Week and we will probably post a top 10 for the week some time on Monday as well.This will not affect local scores or all time scores or XP or anyones level.Weekly Scores are kills only.

GCS Monster Updates

2013-12-28 07:09:31by Grimly Darkfold

The monster update is live and ready. Please set out all of your monster pack updater client boxes. This is the big updater you all been waiting for. Every GCS monster has been updated with new Monster level system. The Updater packs include a special Spawner Updater. READ the instructions. I wont be willing to help you if you screwed up your sim because you DID NOT READ.

1 updater can update every spawner in your sim. Follow directions carefully.


GrimCS Hud 2.41 release

2013-12-24 02:24:03by Joeey Aura

Due to many people having connection issues we have decided to release 2.41 of the hud to fix these problems.

We have also added a Consolidate Invenoty on the Options Menu. This will let you consolidate similar inventory hud slots, with out transferring to the backpack

There may also be some other minor fixes but so far the current 2.40 has been performing well.

Auto clicking is cheating.

2013-11-28 08:48:07by Grimly Darkfold

If you must be away from your computer use the PAUSE button on your HUD. DO NOT use any scripts or third party device or software that will keep your avatar attacking while your AWAY. This is cheating. When we catch you we will delete your scores, We do not care if you were playing 100% honest for a year and cheated only the one time, Cheating is cheating. Please don't do it.

If you suspect a player cheating report it to us, Give full AV name, date and location. We may reward you if we catch the cheater.

Remember this is a GAME, there is no grand reward for holding a high score, enjoy it, have fun, relieve stress, but DO NOT CHEAT.

GCS 2.40 Release

2013-09-27 10:38:45by Joeey Aura
GCS 2.40 release notes
  • New Interface design, with buttons consolidated into >Options< and >Advanced<
    • sub menus will auto hide in mouselook.
    • Options buttons contain the following buttons
      • -Skins: for changing the look of the interface
      • -Target: toggles the hud crosshairs on and off
      • -PVP: shows if pvp is on (green) or off (red).
        • note:if system owner has not locked this button it toggleable by the player.
      • -Scores: which scores to display on the hud
        • -All Time: the players all time scores
        • -Weekly: scores for this current week.
        • -Local: scores for this sim.
          • note:when or if these are cleared is up to the owner
        • -Group: scores for your group. (see groups)
      • Advanced->
        • Quest: toggles the display of the quest window.
        • Group: opens group submenu.. See Below.
    • * New: Groups
      • Groups are only for the current session, they do not last past a hud detach or leaving the sim. Groups are to encourage coopertive play all players in the group will share the kills and xp gained since they have joined the group. Any time someone joins or leaves the group, the pool of points is split equally with the current group members, Up to 6 people can be in a group.
        • Note: any quests which require the killing of a certain number of monsters will not work while in a group.
        • Group interface can be accessed from Advanced-> Groups
          • Create: to create a group.
            • the player that creates the group is the owner of that group. if the group owner is ejected from the group, Create will rejoin that group.
          • Invite: Lets the player invite others to the group.
            • anyone can invite to the group. must be standing within 20m to select them
          • Eject: Eject someone from the group. any member may eject any other member.
            • the creator of the group cannot be ejected.
          • Leave: Leaves the group.
          • Group window: toggles display of the group window to show players in the group.
            • Note: this window is the same as the quest window, so showing the quest window will override the group window, and vice versa.
    • * New quest type support.
    • * Much better support for GCS weapons. Recheck Level no longer needed weapons will level up in real time.
    • * New Power stat added. this is used for certain GCS weapons.
    • * Support for more completed quests.. previous versions only supported 75 completed quest gridwide.
    • * Active and completed quests now saved on the server. only quest from the region will be loaded in and shown on the quest screen.
    • * Potions and hud items now saved on the server. This will prevent the loss of items due to sim crashes and other problems. Getting a new hud will automatically transfer Hud Items and quest. so nothing is ever lost.
    • * Skins load much faster, and can be updated and new skins added after release.
    • We have totally revamped the levels for players. This change will go into effect at all places that have updated their system. Once you enter one of these places you will be leveled up to the new level in a short time. Once you have leveled up that level will not go back down when entering a place that has not updated yet because of the way the old system worked.
      • Your Level will go up considerably, and it should take far less time to continue to level up than it does in the previous system.
      • you will gain all the bonuses of health,armor, and power that you previously gained. This is going to make you much stronger and harder to kill for now
      • on the down side. you will lose more XP from dieing than you did previously due to the higher level
      • more will be published on this at a latter date
    • We are Re-releasing all GCS weapons to conform to the new levels, you WILL want to update your weapon as soon as you level up
      • All the weapons have gotten a big improvement and some changes
      • Most of the melee weapons include a new power attack. it will use some of the power on your hud when used.
      • If the weapon includes a power attack and you are sufficient level and have enough power to use it. you will see a power button on your hud. click it to use the attack. or a gesture is provided with the weapons if to use it in mouselook
      • the Gestures provided with the weapons will work with any of the GCS weapons so you don't need to activate them all for each weapon
      • We have left the gestures modifiable so players can customize the key bound to them to their liking
      • The Guns have a new bullet type on them
        • Raycast: this rezzing nothing and is the most efficient for the sim.
          • advantages of raycast bullets are that you are not lagging the sim
          • it is much fast, espically at a distance. The bullet does not need time to fly through the air so much
          • Closer range. because of how prim bullets need to be rezzed they can be ineffective at point blank range. raycast does not have this problem at all
        • GCS Damage- this is the normal prim bullet, will work with the LL damage system if needed
        • Hybrid Raycast- This is mostly a raycast mode, but will shoot out a prim bullet every 5 shots as a tracer bullet
        • For those of you who own multiple GCS weapons you can now wear multiple weapons at once, but only use one at a time
          • there will be no more conflict with the weapon menus when wearing multiple weapons. If you are wearing multiple weapons you will first get a weapon selection menu that lists all the weapons you are currently wearing
          • you can use gestures to cycle through drawing the weapons
          • Weapons will draw with the last bonus and settings you had enabled
          • This had a side effect of not being able t use multiple weapons at once. which we never liked people doing anyway!
          • Some Owners may want to enable RolePlay mode for their sim/parcel. This will cause the weapons to run out of ammo and you will need to find ammo pickups (which hopefully they have remembered to place around the area)
            • when RP mode is enabled the hud screen will tell you how many clips you have left when you reload or pickup ammo