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Happy St.Patrick's Day

2017-03-17 10:29:45 by Grimly Darkfold

GCS HUD Update

2017-03-14 02:21:41 by Grimly Darkfold
Attention GCS players. There is a new GCS HUD release. You may get the new HUD at any GCS HUD vendor panel. Remember to update your outfits with the new HUD. This version has some quest bug fixes. Also, you shouldn't get those messages about the HUD having too many textures any more.

New Mesh Building on sale.

2017-03-09 21:42:19 by Grimly Darkfold

Another new building on sale @ SL marketplace. Click on the picture for the link.

Beggar's Hole

2017-02-23 12:46:47 by Grimly Darkfold

Beggar's Hole has been remodeled. You'll find it at Bloodbath on the Fantasy level. GCS experience must be enabled to use the portal to get there.

Why cheat?

2017-02-23 07:30:15 by Grimly Darkfold

Cheating may seem like a fast and easy way to get your scores up and reach level 80. You may even get away with it for a time. What happens when you reach level 80? Your level is capped, you still get experience and rack up kills, but that is all. There is no grand prize or secret super weapon to unlock. So, why not enjoy leveling up?

It's not a matter of if you will get caught, it's a matter of when. You have more than just the development team watching you. You have a community of thousands of GCS players who watch the scoreboards, honest players who have great pride in their scores. They will see you and report you and you may lose more than just the points you got from cheating. You may lose the kills and experience you earned when not cheating. You may even get banned from using the system. Maybe you can create a new account, but there goes all your potions, GCS coins, and weapons you bought. Ask yourself, is it worth it? Remember, it's a game, not a career. Enjoy the game. Enjoy quests. There is no rush. We made this to be fun.