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My new sexy short story is on sale

2017-11-15 18:13:12 by Grimly Darkfold

Buy my new short story at GooglePlay or Smashwords.

Power Strip

2017-10-25 14:52:26 by Grimly Darkfold

Please check out Power Strip, Grimly's latest book. Please help out by sharing link or leaving a book review on Amazon, Smashwords, or even Google Play. Thank you.


2017-10-18 16:27:00 by Grimly Darkfold

New Possessed Girl Decoration on Sale.

2017-10-14 09:56:04 by Grimly Darkfold

Click on picture for link to SL Marketplace and buy the Possessed Girl.

New GCS Poll.

2017-10-04 09:21:35 by Grimly Darkfold
Under Community on left, select the Polls option. Then select your choice from the options provided. You will see current poll results after you cast your vote. All GCS players must be logged in to vote, and may only vote once.