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Cheating is not okay.

2017-05-22 05:41:04 by Grimly Darkfold

Note to all GCS players. Please remember this is a game. Its intended to be fun. If you do not enjoy the game as it was intended and decide to cheat, then maybe you should just find a new game to play. Most GCS players follow the rules and never cheat. Stop being unfair to the players who love the game. When we catch you you may have scores deleted, or be banned from GCS altogether.

Please, Just enjoy it. It's why it was created.

Some new quests at bloodbath.

2017-05-20 08:02:29 by Grimly Darkfold

I added new quests at Bloodbath to each of these quest NPC's. I will try to add more to them over the weekend, Or I may add some new NPC's.

Replace GCS HUD item Vendors

2017-05-08 04:34:40 by Grimly Darkfold

Attention GCS system owners.You will need to update your HUD item Vendors over the next day or two. All of the old ones are breaking. You will need to use the updated model GCS Hud Item Vendor 2.5 Mesh. If you did not get this update in yesterdays system update you can get another re-delivery, it was added to the system pack this morning.

HUD Bug Fixed

2017-05-07 17:28:53 by Grimly Darkfold
There is new HUD update. It fixes the broken skins issue. Remember to resave and update any outfits with new GCS HUD.


2017-05-07 13:13:48 by Grimly Darkfold
ATTENTION ALL GCS SYSTEM OWNERS!!!! you will need to get updated GCS Brain terminal and HUD vendor for GCS to reconnect. The issue was fixed, but it will not work until you update the brain. You can take the SETUP note card from your old one and drop it in the new one. Then just run setup. Replace your HUD and FREE weapon vendors too. Get update by rezzing the Updater client or click Caspervend for redelivery. Grimly