Please check out Nuri's Quest

2014-09-06 10:14:18by Grimly Darkfold

If you enjoy reading fantasy fiction you may want to check out the novel Nuri's Quest The Angel's Fang. It's sold in Second life at Grimly's Bloodbath and Beyond. It's also available in paperback, hardcover and e-book formats on sites like and Visit the official Nuri's Quest website where you can read the first few chapters.


It's good to be back

2014-07-23 14:13:16by Grimly Darkfold

Most of you know that my Grimly Darkfold account on Second life was banned for a little over a week. We waited before telling everyone because we hoped we wouldn't need to, We hoped that we would get the account back. After a week of trying with no success it was time to share the bad news with everyone.

I was moved by everyone's reaction. Your kind words and heartfelt comments of love and support were very kind. I wanted to thank everyone for seeing us through this difficult and stressful time. I hope to repay your kindness by keeping GCS alive for years to come.

Thank you everyone.
Grimly Darkfold

Gridwide Weekly Scores

2014-06-16 00:29:28by Joeey Aura

The gridwide weekly scores will once again be a weekly thing.

In the past, with older versions of the system, is was difficult and nearly impossible to clear the weekly scores in a timely manner while people were playing anywhere on the grid. I believe i have a working system which can now clear them in a timely manner. This will let everyone see scores for the week as they were suppose to be from the beginning.

Scores will be cleared around midnight Monday morning every Week and we will probably post a top 10 for the week some time on Monday as well.This will not affect local scores or all time scores or XP or anyones level.Weekly Scores are kills only.

GCS Monster Updates

2013-12-28 07:09:31by Grimly Darkfold

The monster update is live and ready. Please set out all of your monster pack updater client boxes. This is the big updater you all been waiting for. Every GCS monster has been updated with new Monster level system. The Updater packs include a special Spawner Updater. READ the instructions. I wont be willing to help you if you screwed up your sim because you DID NOT READ.

1 updater can update every spawner in your sim. Follow directions carefully.


GrimCS Hud 2.41 release

2013-12-24 02:24:03by Joeey Aura

Due to many people having connection issues we have decided to release 2.41 of the hud to fix these problems.

We have also added a Consolidate Invenoty on the Options Menu. This will let you consolidate similar inventory hud slots, with out transferring to the backpack

There may also be some other minor fixes but so far the current 2.40 has been performing well.